Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous November 2006

Voluptuous November 2006

How big are they? Scarlett: 38J. I wear a 42F bra. I can't find a J-cup! Where do you buy your bras? Scarlett: Frederick's, either online or in their stores. 42F is not a perfect fit, but it's okay. Let's say you go out on a date and you're wearing a sexy top. When you take your top off, how can a guy be surprised? It's pretty apparent that you have huge boobs! Scarlett: Guys know, but until they actually see them--well, they're more impressive naked! So they're always amazed by your breasts? Scarlett: A lot of guys also say I have beautiful eyes. Do guys spend too much time playing with your boobs? Scarlett: No. I've dated some real breast men, and it's cool because they're like boys with their favorite toys. They're so happy! Like when I'm giving a guy a blow job, I'll wrap my tits around his cock. Guys like that.
Featuring: Scarlett Webb
Duration: 40
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