Big Boob Photos » August 2005 Voluptuous

August 2005 Voluptuous

Did you ever run into the stereotype that women with big boobs can't be smart? Scarlett: One of my biggest frustrations in the corporate world is that it's hard to dress professionally when you have big boobs. Even if I'm wearing something that isn't low-cut, I'm conscious about my boobs. And it's so tough to shop for clothes that look professional but aren't dowdy. If I just wear a big shirt to cover my tits, I look fat, like I have no figure. Do you think your boobs have ever helped you professionally? Scarlett: Not really, not when I was consulting. Before I did consulting, I was a saleswoman, selling time shares. My boobs almost got me in trouble! I was sitting at a table, telling this couple about the resort, and when I'm sitting at a table, my boobs are up on the table! I realized the husband was staring at me and his wife kept staring at him. They didn't buy, and my manager took me aside and told me later, "You can't do the cleavage close when there's a wife around." I didn't have a clue as to what he meant by "the cleavage close!" Apparently, you can only show your boobs if your customer is a single guy. It doesn't work if the wife is there because she'll get pissed off! But for a single guy, well, then it can work to your advantage. Height: 5'6".
Featuring: Scarlett Webb
Duration: 40
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