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"I Want The Position!"

Featuring Scarlett Rouge
Date August 11th, 2011
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Scarlett Rouge is the kind of job applicant every company needs and every straight human resource director wants to fuc., uh�interview. This gentleman wants to know what sort of qualifications young Scarlett has and whether she can handle the position he wants to get her in. He soon learns that Scarlett's not really looking for a job. What she wants to do is screw on his desk. She can get any job she wants any day of the week. Getting a big dick inside her takes precedence over any job. This is how human resource directors get into trouble with the company but screw it. How many dishes like Scarlett Rouge walk into his office? When we first met Scarlett, she was going to college. What did she learn? "I like to drool and spit all over a guy's balls and then rub and play with them," Scarlett explained. "Squeeze them gently while I suck it.

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