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Score February 2006

Featuring: Sara Jay
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SCORE: But, you know, most guys think that when a girl's giving them a blow job, she's doing them a favor. Sara Jay: And I think that's part of the reason I like to give them. Most women don't like to give them, and it makes the guy think I'm doing them a favor. But it's like a gift, and I like to give presents. "Oh, I'll suck your dick." Guys are so happy when I say that. SCORE: Do you like sucking balls? Sara Jay: Sure! I prefer if they're hairless, but I'll suck them regardless. SCORE: Do you get tit-fucked a lot? Sara Jay: Oh, yeah! The only thing is, sometimes it's a lot harder to do than guys expect because my tits are so big and their dick doesn't come out the other side. They stick it in there, and it gets buried.

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