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Born To Be A Cum-Eating Whore

Featuring Sara Jay
Date November 21st, 2008
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"Apparently, SCORE thinks I make a good hooker," Sara Jay blogs on her website, Who? Us? Sara's kidding. We thought no such thing. "I love them!" she says. "I did a hot hooker scene with Colton Jag. He picked me up on the street where I was doing my best streetwalker impression, and then he took me back to his garage where he fucked me like I was worth a million dollars! It was hot and very dirty! He was awesome. I was very happy to have him fill up my cunt. I discovered that there was so much good dick in Florida, no wonder it is shaped like a penis!" If Sara's going to be role-playing, there's nothing she could do better than play the cock-slurping whore. This is a cum-guzzling, saliva-dripping part she was born to play. To which we say, encore! We love her antics, too.

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July 08, 2014
She looks so incredible here. Wow...

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