Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous June 2004

Voluptuous June 2004

V-mag: How quickly did you develop? Sapphire: Pretty quick. I'd say my first bra was a C. V-mag: That's pretty big. Sapphire: Yeah, they grew overnight, every day a little bit bigger. V-mag: Overnight? Sapphire: Yeah, slowly, but I'd go to sleep at night, and in the morning I'd be like, "Wow!" V-mag: So this was about ninth grade? Sapphire: End of seventh. V-mag: I bet a lot of girls thought you were stuffing your bra. Sapphire: Yeah, they did. Until they saw them bare. They were like, "Ooops." And then I tried to minimize them because I was different.
Featuring: Sapphire
Duration: 40
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