Big Boob Photos » Holiday 2003 Voluptuous

Holiday 2003 Voluptuous

Your editors have been waiting with mounting excitement to publish this cut-off jeans shorts pictorial of Sapphire. Here's your (above) average, everyday, normal chick with one tasty pair of bookends. "..when you hide breasts as large as mine, your clothes drape, and then I just look fat," Sapphire said in the November '03 V-Mag. No problem. A tight halter top corrects that situation. In a sickening recount of boob prejudice in the work place, Sapphire testified, "I was told some of my sweaters weren't work appropriate. Apparently, some of the women there were complaining that my tops were too tight. On anyone else, they would've been fine, but because I'm bigger, they supposedly distracted people from working." Poor Sapphire. She and others like her don't deserve this. When will the mainstream media step in and get involved in the fight against boob prejudice? What the fuck is wrong with them? .
Featuring: Sapphire
Duration: 30
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