Big Boob Photos » November 2003 Voluptuous

November 2003 Voluptuous

Why does it cost more for men to buy auto insurance than for women? Answer: Because women don't get blowjobs while they're driving. Sapphire: I prefer to do it in a car. V-mag: You give oral in a car? Sapphire: For some reason, I don't know why, I don't like doing it in bed, but in a car I'm like, yeah! It's exciting. V-mag: I want to hear more about this fascination with the car. So you're in the car. Who's driving? Is he driving or are you driving? Sapphire: He's driving, of course. V-mag: So the car's actually moving while you're giving him a blow job? Sapphire: Yeah! I guess I like the idea that someone might see us. V-mag: You just lean over, unzip the guy's pants and give him a blow job in a moving car? Sapphire: Yeah, pretty much. V-mag: What's so exciting about that? Sapphire: I don't know. I guess just that other people might see.
Featuring: Sapphire
Duration: 30
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