SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
Voluptuous April 2007
V-Mag: So when a guy is tit fucking you, what are you doing?
Sapphire: Well, I'll push my tits together and rub them back and forth on his cock and raise my head up to kiss the tip as it comes through.
V-Mag: That's got to be the ultimate V-Man's dream, Sapphire: tit fucking a girl like you and getting your mouth at the same time.
Sapphire: Yeah, they usually don't complain about that.
V-Mag: Are your eyes open or closed?
Sapphire: It just depends. Sometimes they're open, sometimes they're not.
V-Mag: Do guys have a hard time keeping control while they do that?
Sapphire: Some do.
V-Mag: So you've had a few accidents?
Sapphire: Oh, yeah.
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