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Featuring Sandra Star
Date February 14th, 2012
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Sandra Star, there could be no hornier and prettier Miss Hot SCORE than you. Annina herself was one of the judges who selected Sandra for that title in Germany. Sandra kisses, licks and sucks her friend's weinerschnitzel, sucking the balls with love, reverence and adoration. She holds her boobs together as the cock pistons between them, fucking her cleavage valley--on its way into her mouth. Sandra looks at the camera with a glance that says, "Look at what I'm doing. I shouldn't be doing this but I love it." How Sandra's tiny little butthole could accommodate the big crankshaft is another example of German engineering. "Because of my boobs, I was very interested in magazines like SCORE, and I like it very much," Sandra said. "I loved how beautiful the girls are, and I loved that there are so many men who adore girls with big boobs. I love the way SCORE celebrates big boobs. It makes me feel special.

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February 15, 2012
My word! What a gorgeous woman. Smiling while getting fucked in the ass. Love a woman who shows that she really enoys what she's doing. Igf only I had the chance. Hope this scene is on video. Gotta get it.

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