Big Boob Photos » June 2003 Voluptuous Xtra

June 2003 Voluptuous Xtra

Everyone loves Samantha. No one has ever mailed in one critical thing about her. Your editors saw this XXX photo set and got very itchy. They wanted to share it with the boob brotherhood. Should they wait until a later time or publish it now? The itching got worse. Picture being tied to a stake with ants crawling around your honey-covered arms and legs. It got worse and worse until the editors lost control and placed the pictorial in the V-Xtra section this month. "I think that was the best pictorial yet, due to the fact that it featured Samantha with (finally) someone who looks like he could really get her off with his formidable meat." So says R.L., Samantha worshipper. Writes E.S., who has a balanced perspective of things, "When I was younger, I was jealous of any of the men that I saw in boy-girl photo shoots. That's not so anymore.
Featuring: Samantha 38G
Duration: 25
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