Big Boob Photos » Supersexy Samantha has giant tits.

Supersexy Samantha has giant tits.

"I get recognized a lot in New York, which happens to be one of my favorite cities," says Samantha, these days a Vegas resident. "In New York, guys love and appreciate women of every shape and size. So as I walk past a guy, he'll stare at my boobs and then when I get about 10 feet past him, he'll realize who I am. It's so cute when they go, 'Oh my God, Samantha!' That cracks me up to hear that. It's like 'I know those boobs.' That's the funniest thing." Samantha has a lot of sexperience in bed and she has her own philosophy about locking and de-loading whether it's show sex or personal sex. "There are no mistakes in bed, not unless the girl says, 'Don't do that,' which I rarely say, and the guy keeps on doing what she tells him not to do. The biggest mistake guys make is getting insulted when girls ask for something in bed. Hey, we don't expect you to know everything about how our bodies work, just how to please us. So listen to us.".
Featuring: Samantha 38G and Jarrod Steed
Date: March 11th, 2008
Duration: 70

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7 years ago 
is there a man on this planet that doesn't want to bed samantha?
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