SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo

A Teacher With Tits
In May '09's Talkin' Tits Blog, one of the editors wrote "Basically, I think Sabina's very underrated. We get letters about Karina Hart and Christy Marks, and they're deserving of the attention. But Sabina doesn't get the same notoriety, and to me, that's a shame." Sabina caught that blog item reading the magazine and wrote in her own blog, "And don't miss the blurb on page 52 of May '09 V-Mag right underneath a great picture of my tits, which elaborates on how underrated I am as a model and sexual performer. Voluptuous editor, I agree with you." Although we agree there should be a lot more SCORE Card commentary from you guys about Sabina, the praise does come in for the Colorado blonde, like this missive from Skychief who said he wanted to marry her. "I know I've written about her before but Sabina Leigh is amazing, mesmerizing and incredible," Chief wanted to emphasize. Sabina is also the first model we can think of over the years who calls herself a feminist activist, a sexual educator, a sex toy designer (she uses her own designer toy in the video in Voluptuous Theater) AND a pervert. There's always something intriguing about an attractive woman who calls herself a pervert. If she wasn't attractive, none of us would care. Sabina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in women's studies and sociology from Iowa State University. AND she worked behind the counter in an adult retail store.
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