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Pictorials Set 2

Models come and go in the SCORE universe. Not SaRenna. No other big bust sophisticate promoted and nutured SaRenna's career, from spokesmodeling for a SCORE-sponsored race car to multiple Boob Cruise invitations. Most of our rivals just bought the pictures and cranked out some text for their magazines. Aside from her obvious physical beauty and pulchritude, an important factor was how SaRenna reacted in front of the camera. Once she began posing, the consumate professional came out, no matter what kind of a day she was having. She just beamed concentrated energy like a laser. We've paired SaRenna off with such beauties as Chloe, Rocki Roads and Coree Monroe yet we never combined SaRenna with Casey James in the SCORE studio. The fact is, we are better known at SCORE for our sexual abilities and stamina than our brains and foresight. Be that as it may, the September 99 SCORE featured a composite big boob matchup of SaRenna and Casey, who know each other well from their years on the club circuit, to compare their killer attributes.
Featuring: SaRenna Lee
Duration: 20
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