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Pictorials Set 1

SaRenna plays the ultimate secretary in this pictorial. Everyone dreams of having an administrative assistant like this, a sort of Hollywood movie fantasy that a producer would have made with Monroe or Jayne Mansfield. This pictorial was shot for our January 1995 edition. The issue is somewhat unusual in that SaRenna and only SaRenna appears on both the front and back covers. On the front cover her eyeglasses front as a phallic symbol, with the tip of the frame touching her lower lip. On the back cover, she poses from the rear, legs taut and straight, her white panties barely concealing her perfect asscheeks. Bent over and facing the reader with a wide-mouthed expression, she cups her huge tits. At the time, she was living in Houston, Texas. She was 23 years-old and already a megastar. .
Featuring: SaRenna Lee
Duration: 20
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