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Sarenna: Teacher

Not only do we have brand-new pictures of Miss Slim-n-Stacked herself as the sexiest damned schoolteacher you've ever seen, but SaRenna let us in on some of her raunchiest secrets! XXX-RATED confessions that have those magic words, "Anal!" "Vulnerable!" "Doggie!" "Fuck my mouth so deep my throat is being caressed by the head of your cock!" "Ram your cock into my aching pussy!" "Spank my ass!" "Slide it in my ass!" "Beg!" "Jack off all over my face!" Guys, this is so damned hot, we've already received an e-mail from a female reader who says there's no way SaRenna could have written this because women never, ever, ever talk THIS dirty! Well honey, we're happy to disappoint you because, not only did SaRenna give it up big time, she wants to print the actual, hand-written letter (which we show exerpts of in the Oct. '98 SCORE) on her website and record all the raunch for audio! More on that later! Right now, there's only one place to get the goods on SaRenna and its on sale now with that beautiful girl all by herself on the cover right below that magic word--SCORE.
Featuring: SaRenna Lee
Duration: 20
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