SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo

3rd Runner-Up Model of the Year
Rukhsana did very well in the SCORE Model of the Year contest. Because her pictorials have run once a year, we weren't sure what the outcome would be this time. In fact, the lovely Asian-English bodybuilder performed better in the voting than in previous years. What's also interesting is that the top runners-up in the Model of the Year contest (Merilyn, Lorna Morgan, Rukhsana) don't do XXX. And Rukhsana doesn't open her legs. So a different set of dynamics is at work here. "Every time a new pictorial of Rukhsana comes out, I say to myself, 'Holy shit! This girl is smoking!'" says B.P., a pretty tough babe-critic. Other comments that have come in about "Ruki" include "Amazing appearance. In many photo shoots, she looks like Monica Belucci." "One of the things that makes her unique is that she has a beautiful face as well as a shapely body. Her eyes are mesmerizing and her smile is lovely." "If they ever remake Wonder Woman, I know who they should use." What the future holds right now for more photo shoots and videos of this special hottie is unknown.
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