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Roxy Rider At Home

This month we tip the hat to Roxy for letting us get a rare glimpse of her domestic life. We all know that image creation and roleplaying is everything in the adult biz. The purpose of "At Home With" is to show the humanity behind that "unreality." (If they are amenable.) Here we see Roxy in her pleasant three bedroom home in Vero Beach, Florida. Born in Jamaica to Brit parents, and raised in Florida, her career in stripping and porno tapes kicked off in '96. She now has a second vocation -selling vintage clothing and western wear on EBay. This Roxy does via her PC- like many in the new wave of at home entrepreneurs. "It's quite lucrative too. I sell upwards of 500 pieces a month. I even sold some of my dance costumes to drag queens!" Her two car garage stores her vintage 1967 Shelby Mustang, which her s.o. races at Sebring, Homestead and Daytona, and her Suzuki Sidekick.
Featuring: Roxy Rider
Duration: 20
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