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Roxi Red: Bursting Bras Do A Boner Good

Roxi Red wears a bra to bed. Her colossal cans need support. The bra she wears in this pictorial looks flimsy but seems to bear the weight. Her top rack looks smashing in it. In the video, Roxi keeps it on while she jiggles her tits in it. After checking out her super-body in the mirror, Roxi tries on a new purchase. She gets back into bed and opens her pussy for you, finger-fucking herself. She tries on another tight outfit for your inspection. Roxi ain't gonna wear that shopping at the mall. This is not advised.
Featuring: Roxi Red
Date: June 25th, 2017
Duration: 100

Member Comments

10 months ago 
@inoteca, Yes I totally agree with you. Dear Score please consider this other comment from "inoteca" he is recognizing the incredible potential of capturing the FULL BODY ON CAM not just tons of cropped images or only full zoomed in images, or worst lots of zoom in from below boobs shots, I mean they are nice, but we really need to see at least 1 IMAGE SHOWING THE FULL BODY FROM HEAD TO TOE ARMS DOWN BOOBS HANGING FREE ALONE MODEL STANDING UP STRAIGHT NO BENDING THE BODY just that one picture can really show the full proportions of any model's body, please I had been asking more than a year to please tell camera-crew to always include this kind of full body shot, at least the full front done this way, and if possible the LEFT and BACK, but sometimes camera crew does not put one their list this kind of full body image, they simply ignore or forget, is just like they do not want to show the WHOLE BODY the just show to us tons of images but they are always too close to the body and camera too low so we end up with tons of images but none of them show the complete body either NUDE or TOPLESS since the goal is to be able to see the breast alone no hands covering pressing hiding them just we need to see how the breast hangs normally with the gravity no clothes at least on that FULL FRONT FULL BODY IMAGE. At This point after a year that I had been asking for that change in the camera crew tendency of not capturing the whole body in at least one full body image, I am really disappointed that nobody with the exception of this member inoteca that is noticing this beauty that only provides a FULL BODY SHOT, I really think that this messages are going no where, I mean either this comments that are intended to Dear Score and then they can be transfered to the camera-crew to finally tell them to not forget about capturing at least one image showing the full body arms down no hands on boobs standing up straight, any way , it seems that is really a no result operation, it seems that is super hard to get to them to explain our comments about the most important work on this website, PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY BOTH OF THEM ARE LACKING THE CAPTURE OF FULL BODY SHOTS, on video is the same issue, we need to see the WHOLE BODY ON VIDEO TOO, AT LEAST SOME FRAMES or SOME 20 seconds, but the majority of time they simply avoid showing the full body, I am really thinking about not resigning my 3 montly membership, is really so sad to see thousand opportunities of capturing the full body of countless models with incedible unique bodies and camera crew always ignores taking the full body shot, to me is very important to have registered the model's body proportions on a TRUE COMPLETE FROM HEAD TO TOE FULL BODY SHOT STANDING UP STRAIGHT NO BENDING HER BODY AND BOOS ALONE HANGING FREE NO HANDS COVERING OR PRESSING OR HIDING, EITHER TOPLESS OR NUDE IS FINE ANY OF THOSE STATES, AS LONG AS THE BOOBS ARE NAKED AND HANGING FREE, IMAGINE A BEAUTIFUL FULL FRONT, SIDE, AND BACK simple as that but camera crew just very very few times they remember and they do, but the 96% of footage and stills they simply forgot about this full body capturing they simply prefer tons of any other possible camera angle shot tons of close ups, tons of "from below boobs" shots . Well anyway thanks score for this unique girls I hope some day anyone from your side can answer the reason why camera crew avoid taking full body shots.
12 months ago 
Love the candid shots. And the full length head to toe....that's the only way to really appreciate just how massive her breasts are in proportion to her body. Amazing.
12 months ago 
Love her enormous tits..that pink dress was no match for her tits!
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