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No Bikini Top Can Hold Roxi's Tits

Roxi Red has worn all kinds of outfits except for one. An extreme bikini is something Roxi hasn't worn until now. Hundreds of girls have poured into bikinis at SCORELAND but Roxi takes it to a completely different level! After oiling those natural marvels of mammaliciousness, Roxi goes for a dip and the cool pool water gives her nipples hard-ons. "I really hadn't measured myself, but I did notice that my bras stopped fitting," Roxi said. She spotted the change a few weeks before she visited in March for this shoot and the glass table shoot ("Roxi Through Glass"). She's probably a double K-cup now, possibly nearing triple-K. "I like a man to spend a lot of time sucking my nipples and massaging my boobs. The thing a guy wants to do to me most in bed is fuck my tits. I can read his mind. Most of the time I'm sitting on the edge of the bed holding my tits together and he's standing.
Featuring: Roxi Red
Date: June 21st, 2016
Duration: 65

Member Comments

6 months ago 
Great to see Roxi outdoors with some more natural lighting. Her cute face and massive mammaries blow my god damn socks off. I dream of bolting my hot white load all over her fabulous funbags.
2 years ago 
In hindsight, the only thing this set is missing are shots of Roxi standing in the pool, with water up to her chest, and her amazing breasts floating and bobbing in front of her. I LOVE seeing shots of boobs like Roxi's just free floating in water.
2 years ago 
I'm telling you one of the best!
2 years ago 
Roxi, you are not only gorgeously stacked, you are beautiful and possess an extraordinarily athletic body to boot; what a delicious package.
2 years ago 
How do you possibly give this less than 5 stars? I'd give it 20, if I could. There are so many wonderful hanging shots in this set, it's incredible! Roxi is in a league of her own.
2 years ago 
Its brilliant to have you back Roxi !!!!!
Another top notch set of photo's & video !!
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