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Voluptuous February 2006

Rose was found by one of our rovers while he was driving through San Francisco, California. Ask Rose what kind of dates she likes to go on best and she'll tell you a costume party. She loves to dress up in costume; a funky pirate is one of her favorite looks. Rose is too young to have been a hippie in the late '60s but she projects exactly the same kind of peace and love flower power vibe that hippie chicks did back then. Rose says that sexy to her means "soul brightness." We'd bet that her mother was a hippie. An artist who models part-time and is into Tantric sex, Rose is 40-27-37, weighs 147 pounds and stands 5'8". .
Featuring: Rose Bennett
Duration: 40

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Wow. Rose is a dream girl.
2 years ago 
There is something about Rose... So natural, so freckled, so bushy, so sexy! Like a 1970's x-rated film came to life. I wish you'd find what she's doing now!!
2 years ago 
Rose Bennett is beautiful.
4 years ago 
Gives me a rock-hard boner every time I see her! She's got a face like a San Francisco hippee who has spent too much time in the sun, but those big tits and nubbly nipples are so sexy! Then there's her 1970's bushy pussy! Delicious.
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