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Rock In A Bar

Seven years ago, Rock Rose said in the second issue of Voluptuous (Summer '94): "Lots of club owners ask my weight and instantly say I'm too heavy, and, to me, that's all a bunch of bullshit. There are too many 'ideal' women out there who look like pencils..I think the world's ready for a real woman!" Well said. She has proven everything she said back then. Rose is about thirty pounds lighter since her V debut in '94 but those massive tits haven't changed much. This set was shot in a real bar in upstate New York, where Rose lives. She gets a little frisky with that Galliano bottle, but the State Liquor Authority didn't raise a fuss. Now 32 years-old, Rose stands tall at 5'11" and currently weighs 195 pounds. Her measurements: 52-35-41, with a 46DD bra. She's made the TV scene lately, appearing on Jerry Springer and Howard Stern, and still does her bachelor party appearances. No web site, oddly enough (she'd be a natural) but Rose can be written at P.O.
Featuring: Rock Rose
Duration: 20

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What a beautiful, big-titted, BBW body!
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