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Score November 2004

There are two kinds of people who pound the pavement as a profession. Cops and streetwalkers. In this stark, gritty dramatization from the files of the naked titty city, Ricki plays both. She's an undercover cop who also moonlights as a hooker in the meat district. It's a tough job but she enjoys the freedom and she isn't cooped up in an office being chased around the desk by a balding vice president who pays crap wages. At least half of her gets a government pension. Her private headquarters is a beat-up, crummy public restroom in the-where else?-downtown section of this stinking, lousy city. All Ricki has to do is stick a closed sign on the door, flip the lock and the bums stay out. Once secure, she can radio the stationhouse with her dildo-talkie and keep them posted about her activities. (An example of this is shown in photo #10.) After counting the night's receipts, Ricki decides that the dildo-talkie could come in handy in other ways, clever ways that the inventors never thought about.
Featuring: Ricki Raxxx
Duration: 40
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