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Plump Desires

Featuring Reyna Mae
Date July 25th, 2008
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Reyna Mae has plump desires..desires to be an executive for a corporation. This will give her ultimate power over her employees, especially her male employees. Specifically male employees with big dicks who get rock hard instantly at the sight of a woman's large, dangling hangers. Boss Reyna hauls Mikey into her office to give him a reaming but soon winds up on the receiving end of the ream. The moral of the story is that even power women in the workplace are no match for an effective man-tool no matter how many degrees, perks, golden parachutes and job titles they receive. "I like women with soft, plush, jackable bodies and a mind as dirty as my own. Reyna is no exception. She lit up my life last year and I haven't forgotten her," K.S. confesses. Reyna is a Scorpio, known as the sex superstar of the zodiac.

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