Big Boob Photos » Renata Takes A Bath

Renata Takes A Bath

This month, we wanted another pictorial of Euro babe Renata, one of V-Mag's new sensations of 2001. And we wanted her naked in something else besides a bedroom. "Renata, what's your favorite room in your flat?" we asked via a transatlantic phone conversation. And London resident Renata thought about it for a few seconds, then said, "Well, I spend a lot of time in my bathroom. I suppose one could call it my second favorite place at home.'' And so it came to pass when we relayed the info to our men in the U.K. Let's throw Renata into the shower. Don't throw her in, of course. And have her start off in a tank top. Make sure she squirts liquid soap all over her fantastic V-perfect tits. Try to get white soap, not that colored stuff.
Featuring: Renata
Duration: 30
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