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Regine Wearing Red

This is the kind of girl who could sponge bathe us every night after a hard day at work. Unfortunately, she's a trek from SCORE headquarters. When last we saw Regine, she was making her debut in the March 2000 issue of Voluptuous magazine. It's been a while, but now it's time to SCORE, and this Danish treat certainly fits the bill for both worlds. A Copenhagen chick, she's now 25 years old, and works as an actress and model in Denmark. For a Scandinavian, she's exceptionally busty (at 34E), with an overall racked out, heavy hanging profile on a slim and stacked 131 pound, 5'7" frame. Clean cut too, with not a tattoo, pierced body part or other semi-permanent body decoration in place. Her photographic style is pleasant also and her cheery, welcoming smile is very inviting. If she turned us down for a date, we'd still feel good. A fine ass, great legs and a sweet face round out a total package.
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