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Score April 2007

Featuring Rebecca Love
Date April 6th, 2007
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"The average guy who walks into the room and I'm laying there with my pussy spread and my feet behind my head, and I say, 'Do this!' says Rebecca slapping her pussy. "He would cum before he even got in! Or he'd get too intimidated. Because me laying here like this is a little aggressive. I would probably go a little bit slower and ease him into it. I wouldn't tell him what to do, but I'd show him. Now, when you make love, you're in love, and you feel all these sparks inside, and when you're making love, it's not about talking dirty and being raunchy. You're intimate, and you're swapping body fluids, and you feel that spark inside. I can't explain it. It's such an emotional tie. It's nice and slow and romantic.

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