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Sure, her debut was a long time in coming (four years, to be exact), but it was worth the wait because it left us cumming for a long time. A 5'6", 128-pound, 34HH-bra-busting beauty, Randi has quickly made a name for herself on the North American exotic dance circuit. And while she loves the acclaim she's been receiving ("It's so much fun to see men going wild at my shows!"), there's one thing she's getting tired of: being known as the "peanut butter girl." Seems Randi's got a wicked peanut butter jones-Reese's cups..PB&J sandwiches..straight out of the jar-doesn't matter, she eats peanut butter in some form every day. "I admit it, I'm helpless to resist the stuff," she says. Hmmm, now if only we could get our hands on some peanut butter cologne.. .
Featuring: Randy Rushmore
Duration: 21

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3 years ago 
Wonderfully large areolae remind me of Chantz Fortune :)
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