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Workout With Rachel

We join Rachel Raxxx at the mirrored SCORE gym for a workout. All the equipment is here. Weights, mats, vibrating wand. Wand? Well, that's for the cool-down phase along with dousing her unforgettable hooters with water. In school, which wasn't so long ago since she's only 19 years old, Rachel was very sporty. Track. Discus. Cross-country. "I was actually the slowest runner because I couldn't move as fast," Rachel said. "My boobs never fell out when I ran, not with the bandage and the sports bra and the tight shirt.
Featuring: Rachel Raxxx
Date: January 1st, 2017
Duration: 80

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1 year ago 
She is an amazing unique girl with huge long and heavy boobs, that shot number 39 is the best is a perfect SIDE VIEW, she is standing straight, she is not covering the boobs or pressing them, boobs are alone hanging free, that is a beautiful image of Rachel, that is why I would like to ask to dear Score to please get pictures where model is just standing straight FULL NUDE and her hands are not pressing or covering or hiding her huge boobs, I mean just placing her arms down, leaving the boobs alone and hanging free, there are some full body shots done like pic 77 and 79 but is not fair to get just 2 images, we ask for more images like those, we need to see at least 3 pics showing the COMPLETE FULL NUDE BODY, the boobs hanging free, no hands or arms pressing them, no bending her body, if only cameraman can include ALWAYS A FRONT, SIDE and BACK shot done this way it would be fair for members like me that want to see the WHOLE BODY, sometimes when I don't see a complete front full nude image, it makes me feel that probably is not cameraman's priority instead we get tons of cropped body images, tons of close ups and tons of from below angle shots, becoming this kind of FULL BODY SHOT almost EXTINCT HERE. Is so sad to see the opportunity to capture that kind of image disappear and I would like on video cameraman step back from being too close to model and let us see the whole body for at least 15 seconds because sometimes is using too much close ups, with zoom almost all the video, often at the very end we finally get to see the complete full nude body but is already the very last frame of video, I hope that can change on future updates. THANKS....
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