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Rachel Raxxx Rocks

Living doll Rachel Raxxx ran track in high school. How did Rachel do that? Rachel explained that marvel, a result of a great feat of breast-binding. "My grandmother would take ace bandages and wrap them around my breasts after I put on a sports bra, then I would put on another sports bra after that and a tight tank top, and that would hold them. I was able to run cross-country and do discus and shot-put. It held them, but it made it harder to breathe. I was actually the slowest because I couldn't move as fast." Rachel also faced the usual boob prejudice from creeps and mean girls. SCORE editors have ranted about boob prejudice for years. "A lot of the girls used to make fun of me, but I learned to take care of myself. You know how girls can be jealous. They'd say, 'Your boobs are too big.
Featuring: Rachel Raxxx
Date: December 4th, 2016
Duration: 65

Member Comments

4 months ago 
Probably my favourite set of Rachel so far. I love her smile and the poses showing off her long cleavage. Super stroke worthy stuff.
5 months ago 
Damn, this girl is just perfect from head to toe. I love her cute face and long cocoa udders. I want to blast my man-mustard all over her pretty face and tits.
1 year ago 
Why not cameraman take full body shots where model is not bending her body, where model is just standing straight and her hands are not pressing or covering or hiding her huge boobs placing her arms down, leaving the boobs alone and hanging free, I mean there are some full body shots done like pic 18 and 19 but the boobs are pressed by her arms we need to see the boobs hanging free, no bending her body, no hands or arms pressing them, that shot number 18 would be 100% perfect if only cameraman could told her to put her arms down leaving the boobs alone just hanging free then we would be able to see the huge size of her breast hanging free but it seems that showing her FULL BODY ENTIRELY IN THAT WAY is not cameraman's priority instead we got tons of cropped body images, tons of close ups and tons of from below angle shots, FULL BODY SHOTS where model does not bend her body (just standing straight) and where arms are just down without pressing or covering boobs are almost EXTINCT here. Is so sad to see cameraman's opportunity to capture that kind of image disappear in between all his camera angle shots and he forgot completely about it and the saddest thing is that cameraman does it almost all the photo and video sessions, is really not fair, we need to see the whole body on still and video...not just sections...
1 year ago 
What an amazing body, beautiful smile, and great skin! PLEASE grace us with your gifts for years to come, Rachel!
1 year ago 
If only there were more Score girls with such a lovely face, a beautiful body, and incredible breasts.
1 year ago 
Rachel is beautiful beyond description.
1 year ago 
Instant hard on! Why aren't you publishing sexy pictorials of this absolutely gorgeous sister everyday of the week? God is she hot! Look at that beautiful smile. Can't wait to download the video!
Rachel, please don't retire! Ever!
When you see men walking down the street with a big smile on their faces, it's probably because they just watched your video or pictorial! You're such a cutie. And contrary to the "haters", I love your butt. Looks damn delicious to me!
1 year ago 
SLIM & STACKED!!!! Beautiful girl!
1 year ago 
Such a future cocoa goddess in the making!! Just a gorgeous looking lady!! Bdog
1 year ago 
Rachel is so attractive, a stunner, the sweetest face, electrifying body, the hugest well-shaped swelling unbelievably enormous distended milk-laden breasts begging to be squeezed, milked, kneaded, tit-fucked, caressed, licked all over and sucked by the nipples till they're empty and hanging lazily down to her hips while they fill up again to the bursting point and we start all over. A woman who deserves hard cock 24/7 and then some!
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