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September 2003 Score

SCORE: What brands of bras do you buy? Rachel: Frederick's of Hollywood makes my favorites. That's where I buy them. SCORE: What style of bras do you like? Rachel: Push-up bras make me look best. SCORE: Do you like bras that hook in the back or the front? Rachel: I wish I could find a front one! SCORE: Do you always wear a bra? Rachel: No, when I am at home I let them free and sometimes when I'm daring, I go out like twice a month without one. SCORE: Do you get fitted when you buy new bras or do you get them off the rack? Rachel: Off the rack. I'm always too busy to get fitted. At least Frederick's carries my size, 36F. SCORE: Do you dress to emphasize your chest? What do you wear? Rachel: Tight little shirts or tank tops. SCORE: What type of clothing do you wear in everyday life? Rachel: Casual and sexy. SCORE: When did your boobs begin to get big? Rachel: When I was 9 years old.
Featuring: Rachel Love
Duration: 50
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