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Featuring Rachel Love
Date May 12th, 2012
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When Rachel Love comes to, and comes at, SCORELAND, great pains are taken to ensure that she does cum. Not only Rachel, of course, but every model in every category. Fortunately, Rachel got dick-drunk again this time with two of the current dickers. What is dick-drunkeness? Rachel explained: "Dick-drunk is when you got more than you expected and you got pumped a few too many times to the point where you feel drunk when you get up." It must be tougher to get a girl dick-drunk when a girl is a porn star like Rachel and meets a lot of dicks. She explained that big wood accelerates the drunk effect. "You get a certain amount in, and you get pumped a few times and pretty soon you realize, 'Yeah, that's a lot to fill you,' and your head knows that your pussy is nice and filled, and it just sends off the endorphins so you're euphoric. When you see it [the big wood], you know you're headed for trouble, and you're gonna be dick-drunk, so you're gonna be stupid for the rest of the day." Rachel also went into detail about how the fucking positions alter the levels of dick-drunkeness. "It's not the same when it's reverse cowgirl because I'm in control whereas when it's doggie, he's in control, so he knows how much he's going to give, and the tolerance level goes a lot higher. I'm wondering if my pussy can take more. And then she does, but it takes a little time to work up to it.

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December 17, 2014
I love how Rachel handles his big thick cock! Great cum shot!
July 01, 2014
Helluva MILF, she is gorgeous

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