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Voluptuous May 2007

Does anything special excite you and get you horny for sex? Princess: Yes, when the man I am with is impassioned for me. Do you like sex in cars? Princess: Yes, if it is a big, roomy car. What kinky things do you like to do? Princess: To get the man I'm with excited in places where we shouldn't. How important is cock size to you? What size cock do you like? Princess: The size of the man is not always important to me but I think I like medium and thick cocks the best. Has having big boobs opened a lot of doors for you? Princess: Yes, I get to be in your magazine, which I never would have thought possible for me. Voluptuous has also helped me make money as a dancer. Men have come to the club to have me sign the magazine and get dances. Have you ever had an orgasm just from having your breasts handled? Princess: Not by that alone, no, but combined with touching me in other places, it makes me more excited. What are your favorite sexual positions and why? Princess: I like it when we lie together with him entering from behind while he has his arms around me 'cause then his hands are free to touch me in lots of other places. Do men ask you questions about your breasts? What do they ask you? Princess: It's silly, really.
Featuring: Princess
Date: May 17th, 2007
Duration: 40
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