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Got Milk?

Featuring: Princess Pumpkins
Date: January 5th, 2018
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Today, there are a bazillion webcam girls from all over the world vying for an audience. Princess Pumpkins is unique just for her big boobs, beautiful, delicate features and golden muff, but she has her own specialty too. Princess: I love big toys. It's kind of my specialty. Everybody has their niche, like blow jobs or bondage stuff, and I discovered while camming that my vagina is capable of a lot, and I can use huge toys and still have a tight pussy. SCORELAND: How did you discover that you could do this? Princess: I've always loved girth. I've always preferred girth over length in my toys, so as I was getting girthier toys, it was getting easier and easier to get them in, so I wondered, "Can I go bigger?" And I could. It was kind of a discovery of my vagina. SCORELAND: Does cock size matter to you? Princess: I like girth. I'd rather have six inches with girth than ten inches and a pencil dick. Big, thick cocks for me! SCORELAND: And your pussy always bounces back? Princess: Yes. SCORELAND: Are you tight? Princess: Yes. SCORELAND: Do you think you're tighter than most 21-year-old girls? Princess: It depends on how much that 21-year-old gets around, but I make sure to keep up with my Kegels so my pussy stays tight. .

What Members are saying about this update...

February 01, 2018
Blonde, barefoot, bouncing beauty will always keep me coming back for more.
January 16, 2018
Jewel goddess.

Incredible body. Her tattoos are amazing. She is like my actual fantasies come to life.

Please do more outfits or cosplay!
January 07, 2018
Too sexy
January 06, 2018
I love that adorable read bush! Princess knows what is sexy. :-)
It would be super hot if someone could fist her! *in love*

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