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We have no stats on amateur Precious here but she's certainly got a pretty face, a nice lean bod and impressive milk tanks. She's 20 years-old and is a student in Arizona. What is precious about Precious is that she was happy to spread her pussy lips and surrender the pink. We love that because a lot of first time models are chicken. Precious likes to have sex with Barry White singing in the background. We don't mean Mr White actually being present in her apartment while she's getting porked. We mean his CDs. Her favorite Barry White song is "It's Ecstasy When You Get Off Me..Because You're 300 Pounds." If you think we're writing this because we know nothing about Precious, you're absolutely fucking-A right. What the hell, we may learn more about this chick in the future but at least we don't make up shit like those other busty magazines. In the meantime, enjoy Precious.
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