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Tight and Tighter

Here's Plenty UpTopp in one of the more requested types of outfits: mini-skirt, skin-tight sweater, bra and heels. It's the everyday-babe "busty-hot-chick-at-the-mall" look that's become increasingly popular compared to the expensive exotic dancers' costumes that were a mainstay of the past decade. And while we're on the subject of blowjobs (which we're not, but we're always thinking about them), here's an excerpt from Plenty's interview with SCORE editor, Dave. Plenty: I like to fall in love with the penis, every inch of it. The one that I'm with, I like to fall in love with it. SCORE: What do you do that's so special? Plenty: I ask what feels the best, because every guy is different. There are certain things that feel good to everybody, but all a woman has to do is ask. If she takes 10 minutes to ask her partner what feels the best to him, that's a start..
Featuring: Plenty Uptopp
Duration: 50

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3 years ago 
This shoot seems to suggest energy. I LOVE the clothed shots and for sure as the sweater and obviously huge tits and spectacular. The steam goes up when she ditches the clothes. I recall when I got mega boobed olympics and I saw plenty and thought, vivacious, killer body and great pussy show. She has a dynamite body here and her facial expressions are way fun...her pussy, sweet pussy lips, pursed full lips, pretty eyes, smile and bangin tits keep my eyes attached.
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