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Featuring: Platinum Peaks
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While transporting a batch of photo sets that were in storage, this fourth pictorial of dancer Platinum Peaks was spotted and plucked from continued obscurity. As a kid, she was a Tomboy growing up in Canada, the daughter of a logger. As a young woman, she transformed into mega-boobed sexbomb 'Platinum Peaks.' Platinum told Las Vegas Sun reporter Bob Shemeligian that stripping "is the best thing I ever did. It gives me freedom and it gives me a chance to get people to enjoy themselves while I'm on stage. Canada is where I love to perform. I think striptease is the national pasttime there. It must be the cold weather." She was a nightly attraction of the Palomino Club in Las Vegas and at the So Big Burlesque show at the Vegas World hotel. Platinum didn't drive or own a car so she'd cab it back and forth. She owned six dogs and a cat and liked to read books on self-improvement and psychology. Her bras were custom made at the cost of $250 each.

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