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Mammary Lane

If you were visiting Las Vegas, Nevada in the early '90s, you may have eyeballed one of these ads promoting mega-buster Platinum Peaks. The ad at top left in "Today In Las Vegas" (a tourist mag given out at hotel front desks) dates back to late March, 1993. Or you may have picked up a freebie copy of the mini-mag "Desert Nights" from one of the many street corner machines that create an eyesore along the Vegas Strip. Beginning in 1992, Platinum was the main attraction at the well known Palomino Club, a nude burlesque palace about 20 minutes north of the Strip. If you still had some money left after the casinos got through with you, or, much better, if you made a nice chunk of change, you may have decided on a bit of naked female entertainment, and the Palomino was a great spot for that.
Featuring: Platinum Peaks
Duration: 67

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3 years ago 
Pic 12 with her knee behind her shoulder...WOW!! I am so hard right now!
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