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Petra In Red

The last babydoll of this month's issue is not the least, by any measure. In an episode of the original Star Trek series, James Kirk let himself be taken over by an energy being who hadn't enjoyed having a physical body in a bazillion years. We can't remember the title but it had a busty gal. That we remember. Anyway, once the alien enters Kirk, he starts pontificating the Shatner way, "Lungs-filling with air! Heart-pumping blood! Balls-filling with manslop! That's exactly how we feel when a brand new brabuster with a fabulous body debuts--like Petra Adamson, our lovely model wrapping up this issue. Petra was a private in the Israeli army and was born in Tel Aviv. She visits London now and then, and supplements her income by performing as a belly dancer. Whoa! Balls swelling with nutjuice! Send your Petra thoughts to .
Featuring: Petra Adamson
Duration: 30
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