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July 2005 Score

SCORE: Have you ever gone out with a guy who didn't care about big tits? Penny Porsche: Yes, I have, believe it or not. SCORE: When did you start dressing to show off your boobs? Penny Porsche: There is no hiding my boobs. They are noticeable regardless of what I wear. SCORE: What makes your nipples hard? Penny Porsche: Touching them. SCORE: Where is the most unusual place you've had sex? Penny Porsche: On a mountain top in clear view for the ranger station to see. SCORE: Has having big boobs opened a lot of doors for you? Penny Porsche: Not really. SCORE: Have you ever had an orgasm just from having your breasts handled? Penny Porsche: No, but I like it as foreplay. SCORE: What are your favorite sexual positions and why? Penny Porsche: Missionary, because I can climax easily that way. SCORE: What kind of men do you like? Penny Porsche: Tall and fit. SCORE: How many times a week do you have sex? Penny Porsche: Four to five times a week.
Featuring: Penny Porsche
Duration: 63
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