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Penelope made her debut in the April '98 issue and now makes a way overdue return in one of those traditional pictorials that explores every inch of her slim, stacked, beautiful body. We caught up with Penny in person just in time for the release of our online edition of this month's issue. SCORE: What's new, Penny? PP: "I am no longer touring as much. I've been working on my website and doing a lot of photoshoots. I went to the premiere of a mainstream movie I did called The Independent and I just got back from the Keys after shooting a calendar called Trouble In Paradise. It is the first bikini calendar that is adult star oriented. It features me, Sana Fey, Gina Lynn, Sterling, Kia and Johnni Black. It will be released in 2001." SCORE: You just moved back to San Diego after living in Las Vegas? PP: "I have always loved California. I love the smell of salt air and Vegas was so dry for me. I only lived in Vegas for six months.

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January 24, 2015
what can i say...outfit, outfit, outfit...everything else is money too especially that pussy..

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