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Paule Voluptuous

The ultimate Housewife Next Door, Paule got everybody from our web boys to our editors takin' some long bathroom breaks here at SCORELAND, and now she's done it again! NO MORE! NO MORE! WE CAN'T TAKE IT NO MORE! Yeah, we can't keep running pictures of this woman dammit, 'cause we're not getting any fuckin' work done here! But, hey, at least our pipes are clean! And, if you're lookin' at Paule's pictures and thinkin', "Fuckin'-A, where can I get more of this?" Basically you have three options 1) Haul ass to the newsstand and get the Nov. '98 SCORE! 2) Get Paule's April '98 Voluptuous back issue in the SCORELAND store (Only seven bucks! You can't go to a movie for less! And you'll have loads more fun! 3) CLUB SCOREGASM! More downloadable pictures for all of you mouse-boys! Pick a door, any door.. and when you do, Paule will be telling you the same thing! .
Featuring: Paule
Duration: 17
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