SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo

Fuck Business. Big Tits Cum First
There would be a reduction in global economic problems if more of the business community practiced the work ethics of our crack SCORE team composed of Patty Michova (the ringleader and general, all-purpose office hottie), Neeo and Dennis. Together, these dedicated professionals know how to produce results. Slender and stacked with a hot rack that needs lots of attention from hung studs, Patty is the big enchilada of this office. She creates a mini-orgy by calling for drill-practice while Neeo is attempting to show Patty the document he's prepared. (It's actually a pencil drawing Neeo's made of Patty's tits and pussy.) However, Patty only has two figures in mind and that's the length of their meat-rulers when erect. Since Patty is dressed in a tight, low-cut sweater and a ridiculously tiny skirt, she's obviously trying to emphasize two points in her financial projections and will shortly be bringing fresh meaning to the word spreadsheet. In Europe, office workers like to share quality time together and when they fuck, they leave a lot of their clothes on, at least in the beginning. They like to get down to business as fast as possible and can shave off seconds by not spending time removing their shirts and pants. They don't believe in naked strategies. Neeo makes the opening call on Patty and Dennis joins in quickly. They each sample a nipple before moving to fill Patty's other open positions. Dennis sticks his face in Patty's ass crack to lick her accounts receivable while Patty accepts Neeo's loaded junk bond down her throat on a first-in first-out basis. Rather than fuck Patty on the desk and disturb the valuable papers on it, the two businessmen decide to leverage Patty's bare assets on the floor and put a lien on her lips and pussy. The two guys plan to swap debentures. This way, they can straddle Patty with their long positions.
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