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Holiday 2002 Voluptuous

When Orsolya, a va-va-voom V-Girl from Hungary, first began posing starkers for us, she kept her hair a honey-blonde which fit her skin coloring very nicely. Now that she's fucking for the cameras, Orsolya insists on wearing this night-black wig and black-penciled eyebrows that gives her the look of a movie starlet in the Brides of Dracula. Chicks. You know the SCORE. It doesn't pay to argue with them about trivialities when they're willing to take cock up their asses for Voluptuous. So here we are in Budapest. Orsolya and this guy, who looks like Jean-Claude Van Damme's cousin, hook up at this swanky swimming pool-lounge center that you only see in European spas and hotels. Now if this was a Hollywood family movie, someone would be assassinated right now by a black-gloved killer, but, since this is a Voluptuous show, the only drilling is going to be between Orsolya's legs. Jean-Claude walks over to Orsi, whose ripe body is about to rip her bikini to tatters, and says to her, "Your tits are gorgeous, I promise you." What the fuck this means is unknown. But his banter seems to work wonders on her, so maybe we should all try this pick-up line the next time we want to get laid.
Featuring: Orsolya
Duration: 29
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