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July 2002 Voluptuous

When an Italian contributor who lives in Australia asked us during a visit to SCORE HQ who we'd like to bring back to the pages of Voluptuous, we asked him where he was heading off to. No offense meant to the great land of Australia and its women, but, for some reason, Oz is not known as a bastion of big boobs. (In the entire history of SCORE, there have only been three Aussies. One was Kylie Rose in the June 1995 SCORE, and she wasn't a really big buster. Poppy Rae from November 1995 SCORE was actually English by birth. Porn actress Mesha Lynn is well-endowed through surgery.) When our man said Budapest, Hungary, the answer was easy. We showed him some previous spreads taken by our British compadres. Try to find Hungary's top bra-demolitionist, Orsolya, we told him, and load up on the film if he could book her. Cut to the chase. He did find "Orsi," as she sometimes calls herself, and the results are in with this fresh pictorial of Hungary's best built rack.
Featuring: Orsolya
Duration: 70

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Blows the "hotness meter" apart!!! So sexy...
3 years ago 
Orsolya never fails to put a raging hard-on in my pants! Wow, but I love this woman! I'd marry her tomorrow if I could.
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