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Ona In Bed

One of the quiet ones who spoke volumes with her cute face and voluptuous body (40-27-38). Here again is a sweet girl who exposed her tender, soft figure to make extra money while attending university in London. She'll be graduating soon and we are proud, yes, hard and proud, that we were able to help her achieve this admirable goal in exchange for Ona dropping the soap periodically in our London studio. No, we are not flaunting the patronage we have given to many a busty, young girl. Hey, do you see us wandering around the Voluptuous office in semen encrusted dressing gowns with pipes stuck in our jaws? No sir. Berlin-born Ona debuted in our July '95 issue, did a guy-girl softie for our March '96 edition and returned for a solo in May '97. She's now 40-27-38 (bra 36D) and 124 lbs. Ona was 19 when she first posed; now she's 22. Like Charlotte, she's one of those endearing V Girls we've literally watched grow-up. We hope and pray that her entre into the business world of fashion marketing will not get in the way of her bobbing back into the studio again so we can watch her engorged juggs head south with maturity, but then you never know about girls.
Featuring: Ona
Duration: 20
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