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Featuring: Olarita
Date: June 25th, 2014
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When Olarita returned suddenly after seven years and wanted to resume getting naked and horny, she sent us some photos that showed how much bigger her tits had gotten. It's a good thing we have interpreters! "I was bored working at my job and I wanted to do something that excites me. So I emailed you and you said okay. That made me very happy." "I think I am hornier now than when I was younger. I need more sex now and if I am not with a hot guy, I have to masturbate every night. Sometimes when I have just had sex with a man, I may still want to cum more so I will tell him to suck and pinch my nipples and squeeze my tits hard. While he is doing that, I use my hands to turn on a vibrator, rub it inside me and rub my clitoris." "What did I think about when I masturbated in this video? I thought about sucking a guy's big cock or him on top of me putting his cock between my tits until he makes a mess on them. I thought about the video I did with Novis. Thank you for lending me a guy who loves my boobs!".

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September 08, 2014
Olarita, the beauty full.

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