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Voluptuous January 2006

Featuring: Nikki Perez
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Nikki's sexual fantasy is to be completely dominated by a man and feel helpless. Her kinkiest encounter was fucking a passenger in the restroom (not the cockpit) of a plane. And she's not even a stewardess. Her only sexual encounter with another woman involved just kissing and touching. "That was it," says Nikki, who is a raging heterosexual. "Maybe another time, I'll do more." Maybe she will, but we'd rather see Nikki with a cock in her ass. "The worst name a guy can call a girl is a slut," Nikki said. "I wouldn't call a guy a pig because he has sex with a lot of girls so they shouldn't attack girls who like to fuck. Nice girls can use the word fuck too. I like to fuck a lot.

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