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March 2000 Score

A class act, that Nikki. Throughout the 90s, she has maintained a style and reputation of the very highest caliber, much respected both within the dance club industry and within the ranks of big boob fandom. It's a safe bet that Nikki will continue her sterling ways for quite some time to come. Readers have requested more unusual photo sets, away from the confines of the bedroom setting. So here ya go! Miss Knockers, wearing a minidress and split-crotch panties, struts, parades and flashes her astounding body on the streets of New York City, dodging cop cars and the Mayor. The end result is a highly stimulating photorama of one of the most popular big boob strippers on the dance circuit. It's impossible to pick out our own favorite photo but we liked the full body shot of Nikki sitting atop a stuffed trash can so much that we used it for the back cover of the magazine. It just seemed like a classic Manhattan picture. Even a French film critic might sniff in agreement. Another Minnesota native, Nikki spent Christmas 99 at the Flashdancers club in New York, starring with Colt 45, Plenty Uptopp and Casey James.
Featuring: Niki Knockers
Duration: 18

Member Comments

11 months ago 
Please allow me to put in my vote to have this upgraded to HD on ScoreClassics, and filled out with more pictures!
2 years ago 
This is still is my favorite scene with Nikki. But I have other pictures of this saved in my files that Score has not published. So I always wonder if Score was behind this or some other photographer. Regardless, I would have loved taking the photos.
3 years ago 
I LOVE this set! Public nudity like this is a HUGE turn-on, and even moreso when the girl's as hot as Nikki is!
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