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July 2005 Voluptuous

Nicole says that she'd rather attract more attention with her legs, which are quite sexy, than with her famed bristols. So she wears short skirts instead of extremely low-cut tops. Surprising, ain't it? The blouse and skirt Nicole wears in this set illustrate her approach. Nice, eh? She does have sexy legs. It's hard to believe that over two years have passed since Nicole (now 22 years-old) first appeared in these hallowed halls of huge hooters. 2004's V-Mag Model of the Year keeps very busy with her painting and her non-modeling job as a guidance counselor. Nicole would make the perfect psychologist. You could rest your head upon her bountiful bosom while spilling out your problems and personal issues. There would be no need to swallow anti-depressants. Of course, five visits a week might get costly but happiness and peace of mind is more important than money.
Featuring: Nicole Peters
Duration: 48

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4 years ago 
i can never resist
Nicole's full swinging tits and her delicious looking hairy pussy
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